In the Making's home: 

Creators Space

218 7th Street E

St Paul, MN 55101

 In the Making: A Creative Well-being Program

We are dedicated to discovery, empowerment, inspiration, and alignment with our true nature. Creators Space is our exploratory playground with over 35,000 square feet of creative space and tools!


We are all “in the making” of our lives and waking up to our true potential – it is a magical journey, but it can be hard to navigate alone. Join a community of on-purpose wellness practitioners as you journey your way through self-discovery, creative and intuitive wellness, and wisdom development from members of The Collective!


From wellness and creativity classes to inspirational and insightful workshops and experiences, members are provided many opportunities to participate in a journey of exploring and developing their intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom.


It can be hard to navigate the continuum of being in the making, but together we will support, encourage, and lift each other up! With enough structure (the "In the Making Map), we will document the journey of being in the making of our lives.


Deepen your understanding of your true nature and the natural world and align yourself deeply with who you truly are – along with the unique and special gifts that you are meant to bring forth into the world.



Introducing the In the Making Membership


Through programs, services, classes, and events ..  we nurture, encourage, and support people through the making of their lives.


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all the while it is working


Creating is not a linear process. It requires a lot from us. We must deeply commit to an idea even when we cannot see a clear path. It is this commitment that we rely on through the crazy hairpin turns that will ultimately happen while on the winding road of making.

Whether creating a piece of art, business - a life, the journey of creating is something that we share. The phrase "All the While it is Working" reminds us that life is always working for us all of the time