Andrea Gerrard Dow
Founder of In the Making &
Creative Wellness Director
at Creators Space

I am a healer, a teacher, and a creative.  I love bringing people together to connect, collaborate, and create. I believe that life is meant to be lived authentically and shared with others, that we  need one another, that we need to be who we (really) are in order to be in full alignment with our true nature. 

Like many on a healing path, my life has been filled with both smooth lines and  jagged edges. I have struggled with illness and loss over the years and have slowly been putting the pieces of my life together and embracing my true nature.  I have been taking steps to heal myself and to contribute to the well-being of others.


Over time, I have become trained in yoga teaching, massage therapy, thai bodywork, and Ayurveda. I have also learned a lot about functional medicine and nutrition for my own self-care. I am now focused on doing everything that I can to live in harmony with nature and have been embracing my true nature.

I  built "In the Making" so that other wellness practitioners and teachers have a safe place to ignite their practice, gain a following, develop their voice, and hone their skills. It is definitely a program that I wished I had been involved in as a practitioner when I was piecing my wellness practices together!

 I hope you will join me in The Sanctuary at Creators Space to play, move, laugh, grow, align, share, and connect! 

In the Making's home: 

Creators Space

218 7th Street E

St Paul, MN 55101