Program Evaluation & Insights

With genuine curiosity and inquisitiveness, we support creatives in gaining program insights that lead to wisdom, to evolve the program based on that wisdom, and to contribute to the knowledge base about what we know about Creativity.

Our mission is to guide program owners through an accessible and thoughtful reflection and evaluation process that is designed to transform knowledge and data into insights and wisdom through meaningful data collection, analysis, and action.

How We Work Together

Consultative Model

Let's Build it Together


Developing strong partnerships is important to the model that we use. We work directly with program creators to conceptualize the program in relation to evaluation expectations, program grant proposals and funding opportunities, and other desired long-term outcomes. 


Our work together ends with the end of the evaluation, but our relationship does not!

Integrative Approach

Design + Evaluate + Improve


Working with program owners at the time of program conceptualization and development (whenever possible) provides the opportunity to build a sound program and implementation structure that sets a natural stage for a meaningful evaluation model and grant applications.

Transforming Data

into Insights

Knowledge + Insights + Wisdom 

We will work side-by-side through a discovery process and will make meaning out of the data and findings. This is exciting! Program owners will have guidance and coaching to help them make meaning out of the data so that the new knowledge is transformed into insights about their program opportunities.

We will reflect on changes that can be made through program evolution to improve over time. 

Cultivating Curiosity 

Evolve {with} Your Program


Our approach draws on a genuine intention to understand connections and insights over time. Programs that have a genuine intention to understand  insights become very wise over time about the field of Creativity and its impact in the world. 


Coming Soon!

Andrea Gerrard Dow
Founder of In the Making
and Lead Evaluator

Over ten years of experience collaborating with program owners in a university setting. I have managed large-scale, multi-year, multi-school, and multi-program accreditation projects and single program regulatory approvals to new program development and program evaluation models.


Establishing deep relationships with program owners is the cornerstone of my approach. While our formal work ends over time, our relationship does not.

Interested in Evaluation Services to support your program and strengthen your request for funding proposal? 

Email Andrea for a free consultation.

Our Work Together
We will move through a process together to effectively plan, implement, evaluate, and collect insights

Consultation and Planning

Explore key evaluation questions

Define the evaluation plan

Develop a strategy 

Program Implementation

Begin Program Activities 

Collect Data

Analyze and Interpret Findings

Discovery and Insights Gathering

Explore data

Document improvement strategies

Maintenance and Future Planning

Plan for program future
Resource planning

The Makings of Insights Gathering

Together, we use a Logic Model to ground and guide the process.

  • Inputs

     The resources needed to implement the activities

  • Activities

    What the program and its staff do with those resources

  • Outputs

    Tangible products, capacities, or deliverables that result from the activities

  • Outcomes

    Changes that occur in other people or conditions because of the activities and outputs

  • Impact

    Long-term outcomes

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