Join me to dive into special explorations of self-inquiry and collective healing. Highly experiential, be prepared to learn collectively as we come together in a light-hearted manner - opening with light movement and closing with easy mindfulness meditation. 

Be Who
You Are

Imagine being given permission to be who you are from a young age? Most of us have learned to adapt and adjust by being who we think we need to be in the world. 

Let's narrow the gap between who we truly are and who we think we are supposed to be.

This experiential workshop involves movement, meditation, discussion, self-exploration activities to emerge with awareness and insights to embrace a more authentic life.

By the light
of the moon

All things lunar! Honor and celebrate the feminine energy of the moon together in a light-hearted exploration. 

Topics include moon water, moon phases, hormones, yin lunar energy, embracing our Yin qualities - so much goodness!

This experiential workshop includes an in-depth discussion of the topic, the opportunity to create something to take home, and ends with a meditation.

Nature's wisdom Wellness Collective

Discover the power of aligning with your true nature - and with true nature. Ultimate health and healing depend on our connection with Source Energy.


Deep alignment with the natural rhythms results in clarity, wellness, and the fulfillment of our unique Destiny. 

Wellness Workshops and Retreats bring together experts from a variety of perspectives to shed light on ways in which to come into deeper alignment with Mother Earth, with our Innate Healing Wisdom, with a Sustainable way to be well. 


Winter Creative Wellness Retreat


Spring Creative Wellness Retreat


Fall creative wellness retreat


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