Creators Space Members that are wellness practitioners belong to a special Healing & Intuitive Arts Collective in The Sanctuary!  

What's Included? 

In the Making


  • Become a member of the Healing & Intuitive Arts Collective: learn, share, and grow together!

  • ​Use of the beautiful lower level Sanctuary for classes and/or services

  • Opportunities to participate in programs for teaching classes, workshops, and experiences.

  • Revenue Share Opportunities

Creators Space


  • Unlimited Free Just Begin Classes (taught by Creators Space members)

  • Use of the Art Studio 

  • Use of the Pottery Studio 

  • Use of the Co-Working Space

  • Meditation Lounge

  • Three Guest Day Passes

  • Discounted Space Rental 

  • Sell Your Work/Products in the Gallery & Retail Shop

  • Member Clubs & Groups

  • Art Crawl & Pop-Up Events


$216 / month 

($127 CS membership + $89)


Access to Inspired Spaces for classes & services

Join the Healing & Intuitive Arts Collective

Teach classes and workshops

Host Experiences 

Provide 1:1 services

Studios and Spaces

You have 16 hours of Sanctuary Space and 2 hours of either the Flow Studio, the Boiler Room, or The Study.


We will work together to create a unique space usage package that meets your needs!

See capacity and examples of appropriate usage of each studio below.

The Sanctuary

Up to 16 hours / month

($800 / month value)


Water Studio (2 - 4)

Bodywork, Energy work, 1:1 Consultations


Fire Studio (8 – 10)

1:1 Consultations, Small groups


Wind Studio (4 – 6)

1:1 Consultations


Salt Cavern (10 – 12)

Individual and group salt therapy sessions, Group gatherings, Individual healing sessions


Earth Room (20 - 25)

Yoga and Meditation Classes + Yin practices


Meditation Lounge (15 – 20)

Members lounge for solitude and quiet. The meditation lounge be used for special events and occasions on a limited basis.

Additional Creators Space Rooms

Up to 2 hours / month

($200 / month value)


The Study (40)

Classes and Presentations


Boiler Room (30)

Special Workshops, Presentations, Live speaking and musical events


Flow Studio (49)

Yoga and Movement Classes, Special Events

Make The Sanctuary your home away from home

In the Making's home: 

Creators Space

218 7th Street E

St Paul, MN 55101