All the While it is Working ...

The motto of In the Making is "All the While it is Working".

This phrase came to me seemingly randomly and completely out of the blue. But of course, we all know that is not how these things go. I was absolutely in the right place at the right time in my life to hear it in the way that I needed to hear it.

While attending a writing conference with one of my dearest friends, I was listening to Mike Dooley speak. If you haven't ever heard Mike Dooley speak, you should. He is absolutely captivating. Also, you should sign up for Notes from the Universe through his website - I am giddy when I see these notes come into my mailbox (it's one of the very few email notifications that I have not opted out of). Mr. Dooley was inspiring the audience with stories and self-deprecating jokes and made an off-handed comment that went something like this:

"And all the while, it was working ... "

He went on to explain that whatever he thought was going to hell in a hand basket (my words, not his) was actually working out perfectly, on its own time, and in its own way.

So I wrote it in my journal: And all the while, it was working ... I wrote it in cursive: And all the while, it was working ... I printed it: And all the while, it was working ... I put flowers around it and squiggly lines and polka dots. And all the while, it was working ...

It may sound like an overly simple phrase. But to me, at this particular moment in time, these words sounded like pure magic. It was exactly what I needed to hear at the perfect moment.

Combining In the Making with the motto All the While it is Working (notice I changed the tense from past to present) was a match made in the stars.

In the Making recognizes the continuum of the making of our

lives - no beginning, no end. All the While it is Working is a reminder to surrender to this

continuum and to trust that whatever is showing up

is doing so for a very specific purpose. It is always working for us, all of the time.

Everything - even the hardest parts of our lives - is intended for us to experience. It is easy to look back on life in a reflective and retrospective way and see how our experiences are stepping stones along the path of our lives. That draining job was needed for me to meet the great many people that are now friends, and the tough lessons forced me to confront what my life would become if I did not take a path of my own. I have faced illness and tragic loss in my life, and I am finally able to see that these painful periods in my life were also necessary.

I will dive deep into these experiences in future blogs, but for today I extend insane gratitude for Mike Dooley's inspiring talk that was making its way into my consciousness in a "random" hotel conference room a few years ago ... it's fun to see it manifesting in such a cool way.

We are always in the making of our lives, and all the while it is working.

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