In the Making

The idea of In the Making has been, er ... in the making for quite some time. Like so many great ideas, this one showed up randomly while I was journaling. Throughout my life, I have turned to my journal when I need to write myself well. I was beating myself up about what to do with my life. Stuck in my head, I had so many ideas with a history of fits and spurts of desire mixed with paralyzation. I was being pretty mean to myself when a hint of self-forgiveness broke through.

I wrote this: I suppose I will always be in the making.

As soon as I wrote that tiny sentence of permission to let things be what they were, a feeling of electricity ran through me, and I knew that it instantly produced a shift in me.

This shift was the reminder that we are all on a continuum of making in our lives. Everything that has happened is part of it, everything that is happening is part of it, and everything that will happen is also part of it. EVERYTHING. Not just the stuff we think of as "good" and "things that are working".

The truth is that it's always working, all of the time.

I immediately wanted to work with this idea, but I had to be patient. It took several years for this vision of In the Making to make itself known to me. I pushed to make it a book or a blog and even drafted several outlines. I forced it to be a wellness program. I twisted it and turned it and it just would not cooperate! In the Making took many other shapes and forms until I finally put it on the shelf, deciding that it just was not ready to be in the world.

But the truth was that I was not ready for In the Making. Slowly and one by one, I let go of things that were not meant for me - a draining job, a lifestyle of too much, a mindset of not enough ... the list goes on. The more I embraced my true nature and lived in flow, the more In the Making trusted me. An influx of steady support shepherded me through this exciting and scary time (we just never know what is on the other side of change!).

The most magical part of change is that the more we embrace our true nature, the more support we actually receive. Who knew?!

The more I was supported, the more ready I was to return to the idea. Luckily, In the Making was waiting for me to return to alignment and balance. It is ready to work with me, and I am ready to breathe life into it as I share it with others. I am beyond excited to watch it take shape and form.

We are always in the making of our lives, and all the while it is working.

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