The Collective

Identify your special gifts and talents, nurture and practice them among a group of trusted fellow members and align yourself with your truest nature through empowering and inspirational programs, services, and opportunities to shine!


Members have the opportunity to share, learn, and practice with and from one another in a safe and supportive environment.


(discover your special gifts and gifts of the Collective)

With your In the Making Map in hand, gain valuable experiences and wisdom from others in The Collective. You will uncover and remember your unique and special gifts that we all need from you!


The Collective shares expertise with one another so that we can all learn and explore and practice as we make our way through the Creative Well-being Journey.



(begin to use your special gifts with trusted supporters)

As you gain insights into your true nature, you will naturally begin to align yourself with the people and circumstances that support you on your journey. Shed layers that are no longer part of your journey so that you can allow your most authentic self to shine!

The Collective is here to remind us all to accept and use our gifts.



(step into your power!) 

It takes courage to step into our power with our special gifts and talents! Courage comes from within, but it also comes from the support and encouragement from others. The more you use your unique and special gifts, the more empowered you become.


Within The Collective, we are empowered to try new things, test new ideas, get feedback from trusted fellow members who are also on this journey and need the same.



(step into the world – we got you!)


Show up as your truest self in the world, aligned with the people and circumstances that support you on your journey, using your special gifts and talents.


The Collective has your back as you take big leaps!

In the Making's home: 

Creators Space

218 7th Street E

St Paul, MN 55101